Zombies, eh? Come back from work and I find a pack of them across town. I found it best not to use any sort of heavy machinery; guns attract more and the less you have when you’re on your own the better. The best you can do is kill them with a weapon that doesn’t make excessive amounts of noise. It’s a good thing I’ve got my blade on me. I’m just going to ninja around town, check back at the house, load up on food and ammo and go. Carlos… Christ, I hope that kid is safe. He was at a friend’s house. Guess that’s my first destination. 

posted 1 year ago

Fell off the grid for a little while there. I had quite a bit on my plate that needed to be handled. Everything seems to stop when the thing you live for needs you. A bit of an accident is what he called it, but I know better. I’ve noticed slight differences in his demeanor for quite some time now and here I thought he was just growing into himself. I know to pay closer attention now. Much closer attention.

posted 2 years ago


Better keep ‘s close an eye on ‘im as ya can. Don’ want ‘im gettin’ mixed up in the dirty side o’ London like us now d’you?

I don’t and that’s what worries me, you know? I go through all this shit so he won’t have to and I already think he’s getting himself into something. He won’t listen to me or talk to me about it. All I can do is follow him.


I ‘ave the same problem with Alex. Likes t’ sneak out when the tutor isn’ lookin’. Can’ be helped really. I’m sure when things settle down some more for ‘im he’ll start stickin’ around. Jus’ make sure he stays out o’ certain areas.

I try, but he’s hanging out with these boys that I’m not too keen on. I just, I don’t know to deal with him these days. He’s so rowdy and mean. Not that I can’t handle the punk. It’s just such a dramatic change from his usual. Guess we both have our hands full.


An admirable trait. How is ‘e then?

Oh, you know, been better. He’s getting out of the house now at least. Problem is I just can’t seem to get him home. I’m sure when I get back he won’t be there. Worries me a bit.


Never a momen’s rest for ya, is there Drea?

Of course not. Not when there’s a mouth to feed and someone counting on me. That’s a call for action and I’m always willing to take those calls.

  • Lust: Something that I find attractive.
  • Pride: Something that I like about myself.
  • Sloth: Something that I dislike about myself.
  • Envy: Something I wish I was better at.
  • Gluttony: One of my favorite foods.
  • Wrath: Something that gets me angry.
  • Greed: Something I can’t get enough of.
  • Chastity: Prefer relationship or hook-up.
  • Humility: Something that I like about others.
  • Diligence: One of my goals.
  • Kindness: One of my best friends.
  • Temperance: Something I wish to have better control over.
  • Patience: Something that made me suffer.
  • Charity: I’ll give you a compliment.